The publication “Armin Hofmann—Farbe. Texts on the exhibition”
(64 pages) was published on the occasion of the exhibition at Gallery Susanna Kulli, Zurich, in the summer of 2012, providing background information about the color work of the Swiss graphic designer. The bilingual publication includes the essays “A More Nuanced Vision” (Fabienne Ruppen) and “Studies in Space” (Fabienne Ruppen, Christof Nüssli) as well as recollections written by Armin Hofmann’s former students Philip Burton, April Greiman, Aki Nurosi and Moritz Zwimpfer. These accounts open up new perspectives on his teaching of color.

A limited edition of 100 copies come with an additional 12-page picture section with exhibition views and new photographs of two public art projects by Armin Hofmann.

The limited edition book can be purchased at for € 15.–/$ 20.– (shipping excluded).

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